With its advanced genetics, our corn seed consistently produces solid root systems that help anchor the plant during harsh weather, and strong stalks that support good ear placement for high yields. And get great weed and pest protection with our Roundup Ready® hybrids.

ProductTraitMaturityFloweringCHU's to Black LayerPlant_HeightEar HeightEar TypePlanting RateKernel RowsSeedling_VigorRoot RatingStalk RatingDrought ToleranceGreensnapStaygreenDrydownTest WeightGoss's WiltNCLBStalk AnthracnoseSilage PotentialTough ConditionsVariable ConditionsIdeal ConditionsHerbicide Sensitivity
TH4072 RRRR272Medium2025MMSDMH-H14-
TH6072 VT2PVT2P RIB72Medium2025MMSDMH-H14-
TH7673 VT2PVT2P RIB73Med-Early2050MMDH12-143113222142N/A42.02.03.0Ok
TH6875 VT2PVT2P RIB75Late2100MTMSDMH14-
TH7677 VT2PVT2P RIB77Med-Late2175MMSDMH14-
TH6977 VT2PVT2P RIB77Med-Early2175MMSDMH12-
TH6278 VT2PVT2P RIB78Medium2225MTMSDMH14-
TH7578 VT2PVT2P RIB78Med-Early2225MTMHSFMH14-162122312332322.02.02.0Ok
TH6079 VT2PVT2P RIB79Early2250MMSDMH14-
TH6081 3220322081Medium2350MTMHSFM-MH16-1822.51.53222.522.
TH6982 VT2PVT2P RIB82Early2425MMLSDMH-H14-
TH6182 VT2PVT2P RIB82Early2400MTMSFM-MH16-
TH6185 VT2PVT2P RIB85Medium2550MTMHSFM-MH18-

1: Excellent | 2: Very Good | 3: Good | 4: Below Average | 5: Poor