From disease resistance to the ability to produce consistent yields in inconsistent growing conditions, our soybean seed has proven its quality. We’ve developed our varieties with traits specifically suited to Canadian soils and climate. Our soybean genetics have ranked first among industry leaders in Canada.

ProductTraitMaturityPlant HeightPlant TypeEmergenceStandabilityIDCSCNPhytophthora GenePhytophthora Field ToleranceWhite MoldCHUFlower ColorHilum ColorPod ColorPubescence Color
TH71001EEnlist E300.1MThin/Intermediate1.51.52.4S -2.2N/A2325P YBR G
TH89004 R2XXtend00.2MTThin/Intermediate1.72.21.7S1c1.72.22350P BR BR T
TH 33003R2YRR2Y00.3MThin1.72.21.9S1cN/AN/A2375P BRBR T
TH 87003 R2XXtend00.3TIntermediate1.52.21.7R 1c1.92.22375P BL BR T
TH 32004R2YRR2Y00.4MIntermediate1.72.21.9S1c2.32.22400P BL BR T
TH 88005R2XNXtend00.5TIntermediate1.62.01.8R1c1.82.02425P BL LBT
TH82005 R2XXtend00.5MTIntermediate/Bushy1.51.51.7S1k2.02.82425P BRBR LT
TH82006 R2XXtend00.6MIntermediate1.51.72.0S3a1c1.52.22450P BLLBLT
TH 88007R2XXtend00.7MIntermediate/Bushy1.52.32.0S1c1.92.52475P BLBR T
TH81007 R2XNXtend00.7MTIntermediate/Bushy1.52.01.8RHet1c1.32.02475P BRBR T
ASTRO R2RR2Y00.8TIntermediate1.52.01.8S1k2.31.52500P BLBR T
TH89009 R2XNXtend00.9MTIntermediate/Bushy1.72.01.5R1k1.42.22525P BLBR T

1: Excellent | 2: Very Good | 3: Good | 4: Below Average | 5: Poor