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Thunder Seed

Meet Ryan

By August 7, 2020No Comments

Why do you work for Thunder Seed?
I enjoy working for Thunder as they are a family owned company, have great owners, great workers, great products, and are all around a good company.

What is your background in agriculture?
I grew up on a dairy farm, cows were sold in the late 80s. We would crash crop about 200 acres until 2004 raising hay, corn, and beans. I started farming on my own in 2008 raising hay, corn and beans.

What is something people may not know about you?
Back in 2005, my cousin was on the Price is Right and won the entire show (43 grand in prizes). I was there and got to come running on the stage at the end of the show and met Bob Barker.

What is your favorite corn variety?
6098VT2P is my favorite corn for this area as it’s a good product for this region and has top end yield potential.

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