We recognize that many of the characteristics desired in a silage corn are greatly different than the characteristics desired in a grain corn. With that in mind, we are working closely with silage breeders that do nothing but silage for our silage lineup. Their entire focus is delivering the best silage with high total plant yield of digestible starch and fiber, a long harvest/chopping window in which the plant dries to the appropriate moisture and remains there for an extended time, and adequate sugars to promote fermentation. Ultimately, a silage hybrid must produce a robust, reliable, digestible crop that will yield lots of tonnage with high quality and high energy content. Thunder Seed can provide all of this to you through our silage products.
BMP’s for growing Thunder Seed High-Digestibility (HD) Silage-Specific Corn:
  • Fertilize and prepare your fields as you normally would. Provide proper fertility to get the best yield quantity and quality.
  • Plant at medium-low populations to realize optimal yield. This may typically equate to around 3,000-5,000 plants/acre fewer than you typically do for grain, depending on your environment. However, do not exceed 30,000 plants/acre regardless of how good your growing conditions may be. Thunder’s High-Digestibility Silage hybrids are bred to have large flex ears and large robust plant stature.
  • Do not harvest for grain. The soft kernels stay at a high moisture content for a longer time to lengthen the chopping window.

VarietyTraitAlso AvailableMaturityPlant HeightEar HeightPlanting RateCob ColorAgronomicsDrought ToleranceGoss's WiltTotal Plant YieldChopping WindowShort Storage PeriodRation Type AdaptabilityFeed QualityFiber DigestibilityStarch ContentStarch Digestibility
T4995 HDRRRR295TallLowMLWhite1.
T4001 HDRRRR2T2001 HDCONV101TallLowMLWhite1.
T8102 HDSSSS RIB102TallMedium LowMLPink1.

1: Excellent | 2: Very Good | 3: Good | 4: Below Average | 5: Poor