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You’ll find superior protection from diseases, pests and weeds in Thunder Seed soybeans. We develop them with traits suited for specific climate and soil conditions in each region, which means your seed will be optimized for your field. And with the high tolerance to herbicides, you’ll be ready to fight weeds with the best of them

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Corn Products

TH6180 VT2P
Maturity: 80.00
TRAIT: VT DoublePRO RIB Complete
  • Great silage and grazing hybrid with corn borer protection
  • Good quality, yield, and digestibility across wide range of environments
  • Solid agronomics and nice flint/dent kernels allow slower drydown
  • TH6182 VT2P
    Maturity: 82.00
    TRAIT: VT DoublePRO RIB Complete
  • Elite hybrid with excellent yields and drought stress tolerance
  • Quick start in spring with great emergence and vigor
  • Very good Goss’s Wilt tolerance; good staygreen and drydown in fall
  • TH89004 R2X
    Maturity: .02
    TRAIT: RR2Xtend
  • Medium-tall plant widely adaptable across broad geography
  • Good performance in heavy soils and moves west very well
  • Great defense against IDC and PRR
  • TH 87003 R2X
    Maturity: .03
    TRAIT: RR2Xtend
  • Tall, aggressive, and impressive variety
  • Excellent yields consistently across zones and soil types
  • Great IDC, SCN and disease package
  • TH81007 R2XN
    Maturity: .07
    TRAIT: RR2Xtend
  • Complete combination of yield, agronomics, and disease defense
  • Nice medium-tall plant with good width to fill the rows
  • Excellent IDC and PRR field tolerance in addition to SCN resistance
  • TH4072 RR
    Maturity: 72.00
    TRAIT: Roundup Ready Corn 2
  • Excellent early maturity with very good test weight, fast drydown, and fall appearance
  • Great emergence and seedling vigor for early planting
  • Good stalks and staygreen; nice hybrid for early silage & grazing market
  • TH7411E
    Maturity: 1.10
  • Great performance central and east; well suited for Eastern Canada
  • Excellent phytophthora root rot and white mold tolerance
  • High yield potential on moderate plant type with excellent standability