We recognize that many of the characteristics desired in a silage corn are different than the characteristics desired in a grain corn. Ultimately, a silage hybrid must produce a robust, reliable, digestible crop that will yield lots of tonnage with high quality and high energy content. Thunder Seed can provide all of this to you through our silage products.

ProductTraitMaturityFloweringCHU's to Black LayerPlant HeightEar HeightEar TypePlanting RateKernel RowsSeedling VigorRoot RatingStalk RatingDrought ToleranceGreensnapStaygreenDrydownTest WeightGoss's WiltNCLBSilage PotentialTough ConditionsVariable ConditionsIdeal ConditionsHerbicide Sensitivity
TH6875 VT2PVT2P RIB75Late2100MTMSDMH14-
TH4076 HDRRRR276Med-Late2150MTMSFM14-
TH6278 VT2PVT2P RIB78Medium2225MTMSDMH14-
TH7578 VT2PVT2P RIB78Med-Early2225MTMHSFMH14-16212231233222.02.02.0Ok
TH4126 RRRR279Medium2250MTMSFMH12-
TH4126 CONVCONV79Medium2250MTMSFMH12-
TH6180 VT2PVT2P RIB80Medium2300T MSFMH14-
TH7681 VT2PVT2P RIB81Medium2375TMHSDMH-H14-162323N/A1224N/A2.
TH6183 VT2PVT2P RIB83Medium2450T MHSFM-MH14-
TH6185 VT2PVT2P RIB85Medium2550MTMHSFM-MH18-
TH4188 RRRR88Med-Late2675MTMSFM12-142322.5N/A32.523.5N/A22.02.02.0Ok

1: Excellent | 2: Very Good | 3: Good | 4: Below Average | 5: Poor