Thunder Seed Premier Partner

Financing Program

  1. Notify your growers about the 0% Financing Programa. Flyers are ready to hand out for the 2022 program. Thunder Seed will do a direct mailer to growers in our footprint
  2. Growers need to approach their lending institution and secure financing for the amount of purchase of Thunder Seed products. (if their financial institution is not yet signed up, ask growers to reach out to Crystal Adams at Thunder Seed, and Thunder Seed can work directly with their bank to get them set up). Also- often it works well if the grower encourages their bank to sign up for this program.
  3. Dealer/DSM need to email Crystal; and Alicia; with the invoice that is being submitted for the 0% financing program immediately, as we need to forward this information on to the bank of growers choice – very important not to delay in sending this information to us. Invoice Needs Growers Signature on it. 
  4. Reminder that this program runs from September 1, 2021 to January 31, 2022; so all growers need to meet with their Bank prior to this date to secure financing. Discourage growers from waiting until the last week to start the application process with their bank – as the bank may not have time to approved funding.
  5. Returns: upon settlement in July, if a grower has borrowed more than they actually purchased, or if they made returns, Thunder Seed will return the overage of payment back to the Bank, paying down their loan by the amount difference.

Fax or email to Thunder Seed:
Fax 218-422-9014  OR
Scan and email to: and