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Agriculture in Ecuador

This past week I experienced a trip of a lifetime learning about agriculture in Ecuador. The Red River Valley Ag Peer Group had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador where we meet with area farmers, researchers, and business owners. We were able to see first hand many agricultural practices and…
Mike Dietrich
February 18, 2019
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Thunder thanks all our customers

With the temperatures starting to drop and the snow beginning to fall it is that time of year to lock in your 2019 seed orders. Thunder Seed is offering an early order discount program this fall and to qualify for this discount, you must book your corn and/or soybean seed…
Mike Dietrich
November 26, 2018
DealerThunder SeedCanada

Yield Results and Variability

Yield Results and Variability   A product’s yield is determined by the interaction of its genetics and the environment in which it is tested. It’s important to note that yield trials and test plots involve many variables in each of their environments. I’ve heard it said before that one single…
Mike Dietrich
November 13, 2018
DealerThunder SeedCanada

Women In Ag featuring Jodi Buresh

Why Do we Care? Get ready to laugh and learn as Jodi Buresh connects with you in an inspiring, yet critical topic.  Caring about Agriculture.   Her experiences and stories from NOT growing up as a farmer or rancher to traveling throughout the country speaking on agricultural education topics will bring home…
Mike Dietrich
November 6, 2018
Thunder SeedCanadaUnited States

2019 Grower Financing

With the seasons changing and harvest already beginning in some areas many farmers will have their calendars booked over the next few weeks. As a result, financing next year’s crop input purchases may not currently be at the top of your mind. However, we would like to remind you of…
Mike Dietrich
September 26, 2018
CanadaThunder SeedUnited States

Critical Weed Free Period

As planting comes to an end, its time to remember critical weed free periods. This is a key step to maximize yield.  Corn and soybeans, like many crops, are very week competitors in the seedling stage, so let’s keep the soybeans clean until at least V3 (third leaf) and the…
Mike Dietrich
May 18, 2018
CanadaThunder SeedUnited States

Thunder Agronomy Blog

Thunder Agronomy Blog With spring right around the corner, growers are chomping at the bit to get out there and start planting.  Here are a couple of the things we should try and remember to make it another successful planting season. Planting Rates When calculating seeding rates, make sure to…
Mike Dietrich
April 18, 2018