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Thunder Seed

First In Your Field

By December 21, 2020No Comments

Many farmers who work with us appreciate Thunder Seed’s family owned and operated background. We are proud to test our own genetic varieties and have the ability to relate with our customers, being farmers ourselves. 

The opportunity to work with farmers from all across the Midwest region and western Canadian provinces brings us so much satisfaction – knowing that we are making a difference in their lives and their yields every season.

For 23 years, Thunder Seed has grown not only in the field but beyond. We have seen first-hand how hard work and dedication pays off professionally and personally. 

“The best thing I like about Thunder Seed is their customer service. If I have any questions, I know I can always call, and they will get back to me right away. I really like working with them – our products perform very well around our area. Especially on our farm, we have really liked the variety selection and the yield performance every year. Thunder Seed has been great to work with all around!” – Jon Borge, Ada, Minnesota

Every year, we take on the challenge to create the best product we can with the latest innovations and technologies. We are excited to see what 2021 will bring our farmers and our company!