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Thunder Seed

Meet Mike

By June 19, 2020March 14th, 2023No Comments
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I’m Mike Dietrich, and I live in Moorhead, Minnesota. I’ve been involved in agriculture as long as I can remember, spanning from the time I spent on the family farm growing up in Pembina County, ND. I continued my love for agriculture at NDSU where I obtained degrees in Ag Economics and Plant Sciences. My career spans over 25 years while living in Iowa, North Dakota, and Minnesota and allowing me to travel across the Cornbelt, the Midwest, and Western Canada. I enjoy evaluating experimental products to find those that are the very best fit for our customers and their specific area. I’m proud of our entire product lineup and would have a difficult time picking just 1 or 2 of my favorites. It would be like a parent having to pick a favorite child! I especially appreciate the three farm families that own Thunder Seed and their approach to their farm operations. I have a family of my own with my sweetheart of a wife, Julie, and our two sons we are crazy about; Evan and Daniel. Working for Thunder Seed feels like home, much like the days I spent on the family farm that were just the beginning of my agriculture career.