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Thunder Seed

Meet Mitch

By May 5, 2020No Comments

My name is Mitch Loban. I started in the ag industry working for a family farm that had a seed and chemical dealership. I then went on to become a sales agronomist for a large Coop. From there I was able to move to a different Coop as an Agronomy Manager. I chose to take an opportunity with Thunder Seed because they are family owned and have a great product line up. The owners of Thunder Seed are farmers by heart, and care about what they sell. The products that Thunder Seed has to offer are second to none. Thunder Seed can pass the test with customers with its products, yield, service, and quality. My favorite two corn hybrids are 6094 VT2P and 6996 VT2P. I feel these two hybrids offer a nice one two punch. They can go on most acres, which makes them a good fit for every farm. Thunder Seed can meet the needs of any soybean grower with multiple trait platforms.