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Thunder Seed

Meet Travis

By July 17, 2020March 14th, 2023No Comments
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I’ve been working for Thunder Seed for about 5 years now. Before Thunder Seed, I worked in retail ag sales for around 6 years selling seed, chemical, and fertilizer to local farmers. I’ve been around agriculture my entire life. I was raised on my family farm near Fergus Falls, MN. I am currently running that same farm alongside my dad, in addition to working at Thunder Seed. I was initially drawn to Thunder Seed because of its close proximity and it being a locally owned company. This has allowed for a lot of flexibility and good familiarity with our customers for the everchanging conditions and planning that we see throughout the planting season. This is what I love about working for Thunder Seed. One of my favorite thunder corn hybrids is 6992VT2P. The yield and standability of this product are what make this hybrid really stand out. As for soybeans, I am a big fan of TE013N Enlist. It has top end yields along with solid agronomics and cyst protection, making it one of the best options in the industry. Overall, there are several solid options throughout our product lineup of corn and soybeans in all maturities that will fit on different ground throughout our region. I’m looking forward to another successful growing season in 2020 for growers everywhere!