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Thunder Seed

Spraying and Scouting Season

By June 4, 2018No Comments

Planting has come to a close for a lot of areas with some areas with about a week left.  It seems like every area is a little different this year as far as weed pressure.  With that being said, it is now time to protect your investment.  As all of us know last year there were some issues with spraying Dicamba on soybeans.  All of the changes that were made such as taking a certification course over the winter months were made to ensure that everyone who plans on using the technology know the guidelines and the restrictions.

June 20th is fast approaching which is the last day that Dicamba can be applied this growing season on soybeans.  Make sure that as an applicator you have a plan of how to ensure that applying Dicamba goes smooth.  Communicate with your neighbors on what kind of crops they have planted around yours. Check the wind direction and speed before you go out to spray as well as using the correct nozzle for Dicamba application.  Dicamba is a great tool in the fight against weed resistance and we hope to have the ability to spray it for many years to come. Good luck this spraying season.