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Lineup of Enlist Soybeans

By January 15, 2019No Comments

Thunder Seed is proud to announce a complete lineup of Enlist E3 soybeans with maturities ranging from 00.9 RM to 2.0 RM. Thunder Seed has been working directly with Enlist soybeans and the Enlist Weed Control System for multiple years. Our owners, being farmers themselves, have planted Thunder Seed Enlist E3 varieties in their fields and have also utilized the Enlist herbicides for outstanding weed control.


Each of our soybean varieties have been thoroughly tested by us in the field and have achieved excellent yields across multiple locations and many replications. Check out the Thunder Seed Enlist E3 soybean performance from our Harvest Reports and learn more about each variety online. I also encourage you to contact your Thunder Seed representative about how to reserve your Enlist soybeans now.